Rózsa in Köln

One doesn’t always get to perform a whole concert of a single composer’s music, especially one as woefully underperformed as Miklós Rózsa.
Thankfully the WDR radio orchestra here in Cologne seem to like such ideas and tomorrow night (Sunday 22nd Feb) we will perform a concert consisting of four of his works.
The concert will be recorded for broadcast later in the year (August 8th I think) and it is especially nice to be performing the Viola Concerto with Lawrence Power once again.
One of my favourite things with Lawrence is watching the reaction of the orchestra at his first rehearsal. As soon as he starts to play, from strings to wind to brass to percussion, heads turn to the front, jaws drop open and it becomes quite a task for me to keep everyone together for the first couple of minutes. He of course is oblivious to all this but he always has the orchestra on side within seconds! And they always seem to like the piece. That and the fact that it is so well written and Lawrence has such an amazing sound that no one has to creep around in micro dynamics – everyone can play their part pretty much as written.

Concert details here:


I’ve recorded a lot of Rózsa’s music on CD – have a look at this page: