It’s always fun when you get to take a trip with an orchestra somewhere slightly different or new, and so having played our concert in Aalborg on Thursday night, we allowed the van to get a headstart on Friday before the rest of us left Aalborg airport early Saturday bound for the small island of Bornholm. Part of Denmark, Bornholm is actually nearer to Sweden, in the Baltic sea and turns out to have quite an interesting history from the times of the crusades to the second world war. We took over the church in the main town of Rønne, a rather nice place with many old houses and a sense of community and history that naturally comes with a life inextricably linked with the sea and the fishing port. Although it was rather wet and windy, it seemed like a beautiful place and the isalnd as a whole is apparently a hugely popular holiday destination, particularly with Germans!
My German soloist, Daniel Müller-Schott once again played the Haydn C major with brilliance, energy, poise, delicacy and beauty (and much more besides!) before we launched into a rip-roaring Beethoven’s second symphony. I caught the eye of Peter, one of our stage managers just before I went out to conduct and he had a look of slight panic at the prospect of de-rigging the concert and a race to catch the last ferry to the mainland in a very short amount of time! I like to think we helped him out a little bit…





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