Beethoven and Beyond 2

Photo Västerbottens Kurien
Photo Västerbottens Kurien

After an exhilarating night on Saturday where the NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra and I played the first 3 Beethoven symphonies alongside 3 world premiere pieces, we move on to the second concert in our series ‘Beethoven and Beyond’

The concert on Thursday will contain the 4th and 5th symphonies and our new works come from composers Sven-David Sandström and B Tommy Andersson.

Sven-David’s piece was the first to be submitted, fairly promptly after the commission was announced and is in the form of four short movements relating directly to the four movements of Beethoven’s 4th symphony.  He uses material from the symphony and he mixes and blurs it in a most interesting way. Very skilfully composed and well orchestrated, a playful updating of this playful symphony.

Talking of great orchestration, the piece ‘Death in Venice’ by B Tommy Andersson is a gift to a conductor! As a conductor himself, B Tommy writes music that just plays so well on an orchestra – this piece in particular, a lament for Wagner, sings with great expression and nothing gets in the way of that direct communication between composer, orchestra and audience. A really profound utterance from an underrated composer – luckily his music is going to become better known outside Sweden very soon. I shall say no more!

So, looking forward to another wonderful evening but this time without our Beethoven and Beyond sausage (see previous post)!

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